The following pages will provide you with important information concerning the medical examination process.

Dear Applicants,

For your visa for the USA you will require a medical examination at a designated panel site.

It is required to bring the following documents to your appointment:

  • Passport or certified copy of your passport
  • Information Letter with Case-number
  • Glasses or contact lenses for the vision test
  • Vaccination Records, and where applicable x-ray pass or children’s health booklet (children under 10 years)
  • If you suffer from chronic diseases please have your specialist report or hospital discharge letter ready to show. In the case of significant diseases we will need a certified translation (e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, HIV, cancer within the last 5 years).
  • You do not require a separate appointment for the chest x-ray examination. It will be done in the Radiology Department on the first floor of the building. For further enquiries please telephone 0049 30 2149810 or e-mail:
  • Please allow 2-3 hours for the duration of your appointment.


The prices are based upon the Billing list for doctors according to German Law. The prizes are rounded.

Adults (15 years and above)
Medical exam    
Chest X-ray  
Blood test (Syphilis + Gonokokken)     
Total cost   485,- € (VAT included)
Children (0 - 14 years)
Total cost   depending on age approx. 290,- € (VAT included)

Medical examination

  • Chest x-ray: A single image of your chest will be taken, mainly to exclude tuberculosis
  • Urine dipstix: the sample for the urine test has to be given in our clinic.
  • Blood test: The laboratory tests are for detection of Syphilis and Gonorrhoea

Procedure at our clinic Praevenio: Dr. Knur, Dr. Prack, Dr. Zürcher

1. Reception (6th floor)

  • On arrival at reception we will take your personal details and fill in the documents

Please inform us if you:

  • Prefer to be examined by a male/ female doctor
  • Prefer to have a Chaperone attending the examination
  • Will need a translator from your language into either English or German
  1. Urine test (6th floor)
  • Please let us know when you will be ready to provide the urine sample. We have to advise you how and where to do it.
  • Please inform us if you are menstruating. The test can be repeated or postponed.
  • The urine dipstix will be tested for blood, glucose and protein. We will tell you the result at the end of the examination.
  1. Blood test (6th floor)
  • The kind of blood tests made from your blood sample will depend on the visa type. We are not allowed to perform other tests than those required for the visa process.
  • We will contact you in the case of abnormal results. We do not notify you if the results are normal but you are eligible to receive the results. Please get in touch with our desk.
  • The results will usually be available within 2-3 working days.
  • Please do not hesitate to ask if you require further information regarding the blood tests. We are obliged to inform you about all the tests performed and we will need your consent.
  1. X-ray (Radiology Department 1st floor)
  • The chest x-ray will be performed either before or after the physical examination depending on the time schedule of the doctor.
  • The chest x-ray is a single image of your lung, heart and skeletal chest. The aim is mainly to exclude tuberculosis. The x-ray will be performed according to the German Regulations for Radiation Protection.
  • The images will be handed out to you on CD for your records
  • The x-ray examination should be paid at the reception of the radiology department directly after your x-ray. The cost is 60,-€
  1. Medical examination with the panel physician (Dr. Knur, female or Dr. Zürcher, male or Dr. Prack, male) (6th floor)
  • Please do not hesitate to mention any concerns regarding the medical examination before it starts
  • At first the doctor will discuss your medical history, your present medication or other treatments if applicable.
  • The medical examination will include a vision test (please have your glasses or contact lenses ready), a hearing test and a thorough examination of your body. Therefore you will need to remove your clothes except for underwear.
  • We will check your vaccination records and will recommend booster vaccinations if needed. They can be offered at our clinic but also can be done at your general practitioner.
  1. Final questions and Payment of invoice/ account (6th floor)
  • Please check with the front desk if everything has been done before leaving the clinic.
  • The invoice comprises all procedures of the medical examination necessary for the visa. In the case of further tests needed (abnormal screening tests) this will be paid by your health insurance. Repeat urine samples are without further cost.
  • The cost for the x-ray is paid separately at the radiology department.
  • The cost for the laboratory exam will be charged by the laboratory Bioscentia. You will receive the bill approx. within 4 weeks of the appointment.
  • The invoice can be paid in cash or with EC-/ Debit Card
  • Please note that value added tax (VAT) will be added to the invoice, according to German law.
  • The original health documents with all the results of the medical examination will be sent directly to the consulate in Frankfurt/ Main. The laboratory test this will take approx. 2-3 working days. Your case will be forwarded as soon as possible. In most cases this will be within 7 days.
  • The results can be forwarded as a PdF-file if you wish. Please leave us your contact email.
  • If you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us via phone, fax or email.

We will try to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
Your Praevenio Team

DUI Examination

We also perform visa examinations if you had an incidence of “driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI)” or similar incidences which require a medical exam by the Embassy. The Embassy in Berlin will inform you and ask you to make an appointment in our clinic. The medical exam and the costs vary. The necessary procedures will be discussed with the doctor only. The prize range is from 200,-€ to 400,-€.