Our Medical Services for you

Welcome to your doctors in the centre of Berlin. Benefit from our experiences and our innovations. We are eager to talk to you fluently in English and we care for you in every aspect of your health. We respect your needs and your culture.

Just call us. You can rely on us.

We treat you individually, personally and with the latest medical equipment and knowledge. Please make an appointment with our general practitioners (GPs) first. If necessary, we will refer you to other English speaking specialists in Berlin.

You benefit from our network and our cooperation without the hurdle of bureaucracy. We offer to work hand in hand with your doctor in Germany or abroad to ensure the best possible treatment. If you wish a second opinion we would be happy to help you.

Our speciality is the prevention of diseases. So why not make a complete body check during your next visit in Germany. German medicine has a good reputation and is often more affordable.

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