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We are Panel Physicians recognised by the embassies and carry out the examinations for visa applications for entry into the USA | United States of America.

Please read the following information completely before calling us to make a binding appointment.

All examinations (including laboratory and X-ray) may only be carried out by us. Lab results and X-rays from earlier or from other practices will not be accepted by the consulate.


Prices are based on the 2003 scale of fees for physicians (GOÄ) (rounded in the following overview). In individual cases, there may be additional costs, e.g. for determining vaccination titres for the USA.

Adults (15 years and older)
Medical examination

Total price 375,- € (incl. VAT)

+ X-ray thorax 60,-€

+ laboratory (syphilis + gonococci) depending on age 10,- € - max. 130,- €

Children (0 - 14 years)
Total price depending on age approx. 298,- € (incl. VAT)


Dear patients, dear patients,

Anyone wishing to emigrate from Germany and immigrate to the USA or seeking US citizenship must go through the following procedure:

  1. An application must be made to the US consulate. There, if the requirements are met, you will receive a so-called "case number".
  2. Furthermore, a medical examination must be carried out by a doctor specially approved by the consulate, a so-called "panel physician". The necessary vaccinations can also be carried out there.
  3. Finally, you will be invited to a personal interview at the US Consulate in Frankfurt.
  4. You will need a medical examination to obtain your visa for the USA.


  • Valid passport or copy of travel document certified by the embassy
  • Case number
  • Vaccination certificate (obligatory), X-ray passport if applicable, for children up to 10 years of age please bring your U-Vorsorge-Heft,
  • If you have a chronic or significant illness, bring medical documents (specialist report/hospital report) with you. Depending on their importance, these must also be translated in certified form.
  • You do not need a separate appointment for the X-ray examination in the in-house radiology department. If you have any queries, please contact us by telephone on 030 214 981 0 or by e-mail at
  • Time planning approx. two to three hours

Scope of the investigation for the USA

Physical examination with undressing down to the underwear as well as orienting vision and hearing test.

The urine test must be handed in at our practice. It is tested for sugar, blood and protein.

The X-ray examination includes an overview of the thorax in order to exclude tuberculosis.

Includes tests for syphilis and gonorrhoea.

Vaccination check
Document all previous vaccinations and, if necessary, carry out supplementary vaccinations.

Procedure in our Praevenio practice: Dr Knur, Dr Prack, Dr Zürcher

1st registration (6th floor)

  • Registration at our reception with recording of your personal data and filling in of the forms (provided by us).
  • Please bring four passport photos with you.
  • Please check in at the reception desk before giving urine, as they will be escorted when giving urine.
  • Please inform us in advance if you would like information about the blood draw or the tests for syphilis and gonorrhoea. We are obliged to inform you about the type of laboratory tests.

Please inform us,

  • if you prefer to see a doctor for the examination
  • if you want a neutral person during the physical examination (chaperones)
  • if you need a person to translate (other than German, English).

2nd urine examination (6th floor)

  • Please check in at the reception desk before giving urine, as you will be escorted when giving urine. Please let us know if you are having your period.
  • The urine is tested for blood, sugar and protein. You will find out the result at the end of the examinations.

3rd blood test (6th floor)

  • The blood test does not have to be done on an empty stomach. You may have breakfast!
  • The blood is tested for the venereal diseases syphilis and gonorrhoea (gonorrhoea). Only the tests prescribed by the embassy are carried out.
  • We will only call you in case of abnormal values and then advise you on the further procedure. A control examination is usually necessary.
  • If you wish, we can provide you with the results of the laboratory test.
  • We receive the results of the laboratory tests within two to three days.

4th X-ray examination (radiology 1st floor)

  • The X-ray examination takes place before or after the examination at the doctor's office, depending on time management.
  • An overview image of the thorax is taken, showing the lungs, heart and thorax. The image is taken in accordance with radiation protection regulations.
  • The CD with the pictures will be given to you for safekeeping. Please take it with you when you enter the country.
  • The examination is paid for directly at the radiology reception. Price 60,-€

Physical examination (6th floor) by the doctor Dr Knur or the doctors Dr Zürcher and Dr Prack.

  • Please get in touch before the examination if you have any concerns or questions about this.
  • First of all, you will be asked about your medical history. Here you can ask which previous illnesses/surgeries are relevant for the visa application.
  • The physical examination includes an orientational eye test (please wear glasses or contact lenses), an orientational hearing test and a complete physical examination. This requires undressing down to the underwear.
  • Checking the vaccination status. In case of missing vaccinations depending on the age group, we offer these in our practice (depending on the vaccination and age also via the statutory health insurance). The vaccinations can also be carried out at the doctor of your choice.
  • During the winter season from October to March, flu vaccination is provided for all persons.

6. clarification of final questions and invoicing (6th floor)

  • Before leaving our practice, please check in again at reception to clarify any outstanding points, such as vaccinations or checking an elevated blood pressure reading.
  • The invoice includes all examinations required for the visa to be issued. The costs for the X-ray examination are settled in the department there.
  • The laboratory examination is invoiced by the laboratory You will receive the invoice by post within the next four weeks.
  • The invoice can be paid in cash or by EC card.
  • Please understand that for legal reasons we are obliged to charge VAT on the costs of the visa examination and pay it to the tax office.
  • The results of the visa examination are completed within two to six days after receipt of the laboratory tests and sent directly to the consulate in Frankfurt.
  • You will receive a copy of the vaccination record and, if requested, the results of the laboratory examination.
  • If you have any questions or problems, please contact our reception by phone, fax or e-mail.

DUI (Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) for USA)

We also carry out so-called DUI (Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs) examinations at the request of the Berlin Embassy. If you are found to have an entry in your police file when applying for a visa (also for normal holiday travel), you will receive a pink slip with the request to present yourself to us for an examination.

The extent of the examination depends on past events and your medical history and can only be determined in a personal consultation. The costs range from € 200 to € 400.

Please mention the keyword DUI when making an appointment so that we can give you an appointment promptly.



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