Praevenio - our philosophy

praevenio (lat.) = to forestall, prevent

The word 'prevention' is derived from the Latin word 'praevenio'. In the medical sense, prevention stands for health prevention and promotion.

At Praevenio, our goal is to maintain health and heal illness.

To this end, we combine a wide range of GP, general medical and internal medicine services in our practice. To prevent and promote your health, we offer you a range of sensible preventive services.

We work for you with the most modern treatment methods and findings.

From many years of experience, constant professional training and scientific studies, we know how you can get well again quickly. In addition, as genuine Berliners, we have a very good network of experienced specialist colleagues who can also assist you at short notice if necessary. In this way, you benefit from our contacts and recommendations in the case of interdisciplinary issues or health aspects outside our area.

With us, you are the centre of attention. Whether it's an appointment or a consultation: Friendliness, a genuinely open ear for your concerns, medical information as well as professional and quick assistance are the premises of our practice team.



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